Duranta Variegata Plant

Duranta Variegata Plant. Rhs plants for pollinators plants. Outward arching stems with beautiful glossy toothed leaves having very wide creamy white margins.

Variegated Sky Flower 'Variegata' (Duranta Erecta) | My Garden Life
Variegated Sky Flower 'Variegata' (Duranta Erecta) | My Garden Life from www.mygardenlife.com

It is considered an invasive species in several countries including australia, china and south africa. Easy to grow, plant in fertile, loamy soil under full sun with moderate watering. Prune regularly to promote bushy growth habit.

'Variegata' (V) The Rhs Award Of Garden Merit (Agm) Helps Gardeners Choose The Best Plants For Their Garden.

Violet blue flower clusters followed by yellow pigion berry fruit. Duranta erecta is an pretty evergreen shrub or small tree with violet flowers in summer. Golden dewdrop is a vigorous large broadleaf evergreen shrub native to tropical america.

Outward Arching Stems With Beautiful Glossy Toothed Leaves Having Very Wide Creamy White Margins.

This evergreen fast growing shrub spreads and arches to 10 feet tall and wide and is great for live hedges and covering fences and corners. Prune regularly to promote bushy growth habit. It is also grown as an annual in cooler areas, in containers or as a winter houseplant.

Shrub Woody Plant Leaf Characteristics:

Duranta erecta 'variegata' about us. A dwarf shrub with dense canopy. The leaf margins are smooth, unlike the more commonly indented form.

This Plant Will Provide Nectar And Pollen For Bees And The Many Other Types Of Pollinating Insects.

Ovate, variegated leaves of light green with white margin, serrated or toothed. The genus duranta was named after castore durantes, a 16th century italian botanist and physician. Duranta erecta 'variegata' plant common name.

The Species Epithet Erecta Means That The Species Is Erect.

Like the species this evergreen shrub can grow quite large, reaching to small tree proportions to 20 feet tall or more with arching stems of elliptically shaped leaves splashed with a white. All the plants (2nd ed.) a compilation of all the plants i capture using camera phone n93i for study and inspiration ( all images taken since october 2009) this collection is in my pursuit for a comprehensive list of tropical plants for 'da malaysian garden. K4 k5 k6 t1 t3 t6 u1 u3 u4 z argentine to mexico and floridanow widely cultivated and naturalized throughout the tropics and subtropics of the world and even in europe, cyprus, etc.

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