How To Tell If A Plant Is Variegated

How To Tell If A Plant Is Variegated. There is a various reason that could make your plants ill. Variegated elephant ear like the soil to be constantly moist.

The Elusive Variegated Monstera Deliciosa
The Elusive Variegated Monstera Deliciosa from

There is a various reason that could make your plants ill. How do you get variegated leaves? This provides them an advantage over other fully green foliage.

Don’t Buy A Plant If The Leaves Are Pale.

In an ideal specimen you want a stem which is white and green with an even mix. Avoid plants with yellowing or brown leaves, or if the leaves look brown and dry along the edges. Signs of a healthy plant include a full, bushy growth habit.

Variegation Is A Type Of Mutation In Monsteras That Manifests Itself Typically As White Splotches Or Lighter Patches On The Leaves.

This is a sure way to scorch their leaves. It is majorly because this mutation stops the plant’s cells from chlorophyll production resulting in discoloration in the tissue. A random mutation usually shows up as variegation.

This Can Prevent Further Variegation Loss And Might Restore The Plant’s Original Variegation.

Pest and diseases of the. Keeping your variegated monstera in a bright indirect spot will ensure your plant is getting all it needs to stay healthy and grow extra lush and full. Some plants might be healthy but some others might be not.

Some People With Mature Plants Sell Cuttings On Websites Such As Etsy.

The easiest way to find a variegated monstera is to look for a cutting of a leaf and node or just a node. While this sometimes occurs in nature through mutation, almost all variegated plants you see in nurseries and online were created in labs through selective breeding and genetic modification. One of them is pests and diseases.

Lack Of Sunlight Can Cause A Variegated Plant To Lose Its Variegation.

Monstera with variegated leaves if you are looking for a statement plant with variegation, monstera is your plant. These plants are defined by their mint green variegated color, showing in a more marbled pattern. The darker the spot, the more green leave are produced.

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