Orbea Variegata Plant

Orbea Variegata Plant. Perennial country or region of origin: The starfish plant originates from south africa and grows up to 4 inches in height.

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Orbea variegata orbea variegata, also known as stapelia variegata, is a leafless, succulent perennial, up to 4 inches (10 cm) tall and. Orbea variegatais a well known cottage windowsill plant. 20cm x 20cm clump forming.

20Cm X 20Cm Clump Forming.

Namaquensis is also eaten occasionally, but is very bitter. Prefers early morning or late afternoon sun. As the orbea variegata is relatively small, if the soil you have tends to compact a lot, make a hole of about 50 x 50cm, plant your orbea in a large pot, and insert it into the hole.

Orbea Variegata Is A Popular And Attractive Member Of The Greater Milkweed Family (Asclepiadaceae) With Clustering, Succulent Stems, Which Typically Grow To About 4 Inches In Height, With Pronounced, Pointed Tubercles In Two Ranks.

Plant under glass in cactus compost, in filtered light, with. Maculata , which are eaten as a vegetable and taste like lettuce. A minimum winter temperature of 10°c is acceptable, providing that plants are kept absolutely dry.

Do Not Need To Water Regularly.

Orbea variegata is a species of flowering plant in the family apocynaceae, known as the star flower. Orbea variegata star flower o. 25cm x 25cm indigenous to south africa

Unusual Little Plant With It's Spiny Stems And No Leaves.

It is an invasive species in southern australia. It is native to the coastal belt of the western cape, south africa, growing actively during the winter rainfall season. Full sun to light shade.

Belonging To The Apocynaceae Family, This Adorable Plant Goes Dormant In The Winter Months.

Other uses of bokhoring (afr.) orbea is mainly of horticultural value and only a few species are used as food, for example the stems of o. Orbea variegatais a well known cottage windowsill plant. Plant orbea variegata is geschikt als bodembedekker die goed is voor de rotstuin of voor zonnige en warme rotsachtige oppervlakken.

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