Variegata Plant Maintenance

Variegata Plant Maintenance. Trim or prune the plants around spring or summer and remove dried or dead leaves from the bottom. Rarely affected by pests or diseases, it requires little maintenance.

Variegated Zz Plant Care - Tips That Actually Work
Variegated Zz Plant Care – Tips That Actually Work from

Fertilize your plant monthly in the spring and summer with a diluted liquid fertilizer. Good drainage is essential to survival. Water moderately but consistently during the growing season, keep the soil moist but not soggy.

We Recommend Fertilizing Monthly During The Spring And Summer With A Diluted General Houseplant Fertilizer.

Fertilize very lightly in early spring. Well suited to city gardens, coastal gardens or cottage gardens. Instead of giving the plant a helping hand, the nitrogen attaches to the roots of the plants and keeps it from absorbing water.

Fertilize Your Plant Monthly In The Spring And Summer With A Diluted Liquid Fertilizer.

Keep an eye out for aphids and downy mildew. Water the plant regularly, providing at least 1 inch of water every week when there's no natural rainfall. It is a very tolerant, adaptable and multiple ornamental plant, which is utilized in almost every possible gardening way.

Variegated Lilyturf Prefers A Moderate Amount Of Moisture But The Soil Should Never.

Water regularly when the soil becomes dry. Caring for hoya carnosa variegata: It is best to keep the pot on the west or east side.

Our Recommendation Is To Space Each Plant 40 Centimetres Apart.

They produce less chlorophyll, and as such photosynthesize a great deal less. Do not fertilize during the winter season. The variegated flax lily grows well in shade to partially sunny locations on many types of soils and with regular summer water.

Just Proceed With Caution And Get Really Familiar With The Lines Of The Measuring Cup.

Weigela florida ‘variegata’ is one of the best variegated weigelas available. The chart shown below provides a recommended baseline guide to the monthly irrigation schedule and volume of supplemental water needed to maintain healthy growth throughout the average year. Be sure to wipe them with water or oil to keep the foliage clean and healthy and stimulate new growth.

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